Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pon De Foley - Ludachrist Remix

Download MP3 HERE!

After its huge debut on the Mad Decent Blog, Ludachrist's newest experiment, Pon De Foley, has the internets up in arms. Is it a joke? Is it serious? All of us here at the Church of Ludachrist know that this is all just a part of His game plan to keep the world talking about the glory that is our savior, the almighty LUDACHRIST! His power is steadily growing stronger and stronger with this recent release, and his second coming is growing near. Go forth and spread the word my brothers and sisters! Please share with us where you have spotted "Pon De Foley", DJ sets? Radio? Blogs? It's surprising the world all the powerful people across the planet who have become believers! Nothing can stop us my friends, the end is near, and a glorious beginning awaits us in His kingdom!

In the meantime watch this video!


Anonymous said...

Spotted it on the RAW JUICE facebook page

Anonymous said...

peace to you brothers for channeling the essence of brother Axel to create such a wondrous tune in the name of LUDACHRIST!

Anonymous said...

well. this falls in the "so bad its good" category i think.

so glad to see an update, can't wait for that second release. crossing my fingers for a non-stupid mix of pon de floor in it haha

the german said...

Pray to the lord!

Anonymous said...

i have zero hopes of a new album being released by ludachrist.

DJ Fuzzboy said...

I used it in a mix here to end things off, awesome tune!