Saturday, September 13, 2008

Legend of Curtis EP FREE DOWNLOAD! + T-Shirt design competition!

A message from Ludachrist:

Thank you all for joining us in this service of worship to our mighty lord, Ludachrist. We have spent many months praying to our lord to guide us forth and it appears our prayers have been answered. We received a message from our savior in a dream late last night. It's been made clear to us that it is time for a new Chapter to open in the holy testament (aka NEW ALBUM) . It has been predicted this chapter will unite all of his followers under one church and recruit many newcomers as well. He has demanded that as Priests of his Church, we begin traveling to more cities, much more frequently. We have made a promise to our lord that once we've translated this new holy testament and released it to his followers, we will depart on a cross country crusade to preach His new gospel! We plan to expand our sermons across the country with brand new material, an even more exciting stage show, and lots of extras. No sermon is the same twice. To our followers in Los Angeles and Seattle we will be making an appearance very soon. Be prepared, and spread the word to all of your friends and families to ensure they attend. For more info on all the newest information on this exciting new development (aka NEW ALBUM) and upcoming sermons (aka TOUR DATES) near you!

In celebration of this most glorious occasion, we've decided to release the final chapter in the first testament "Bangfest" free of charge to you. Please help us spread this around as much as possible! Repost this bulletin, post on your local message-boards, give to your fellow DJ! Spread the word!


The Legend of Curtis EP

Chapter 1 - Legend of Curtis

Chapter 2 - Soul on Ice

Chapter 3 - New World Hustler

Long, Long time ago the land of South Jamaica was in an age of chaos.
In the midst of this chaos, in a little neighborhood in the land of Queens, a legend was born. His name was Curtis.

Ludachrist proudly presents a 3 part fantasy street tale of great treasures, beautiful princesses, weapons of great power, and heart pounding adventures. Join us on a magical journey into the world of illusion, where imagination runs wild and the unlikely hero rises the ranks to become the ruler of his kingdom. Experience the challenge of endless adventure!

and next up.......

T-Shirt Design Competition!

Ludachrist is looking for talented artists to create a new shirt design in anticipation of the new Ludachrist album currently in production. We call upon our church to use your imaginations and artistic skills to help spread the gospel.

Contest info and guidelines:
• Contest deadline is October 20th 2008
• Submit entries to
• Submit entries in either .jpg or .pdf format
• 300 dpi and highest quality possible
• The name "Ludachrist" must appear on the shirt, duh
• Clever or funny catch phrase optional, but highly recommended

Prize information:
Winner will receive $100 upon selection
Winner will receive 1 "You better Axe Somebody" T Shirt and 5 shirts with their chosen design.
Winner will receive guest list for life to any ludachrist show.

Ludachrist lives on the internet:

- LC

P.S. - Feel free to re-post this bulletin!